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Magical nutritional supplement:Antiaging and Boost immunity (Olive Leaf Extract)
From:WASETA    Time:2017/7/7

What‘s Olive Leaf Extract

Latin Name: Olea Europaea L.

Active Ingredient: Oleuropein

Olive leaf extract is an increasingly popular ingredient in nutritional supplements and food, drink and beauty products.

Its main active ingredient, oleuropein, is said to be:

· A powerful antioxidant – four times more powerful than vitamin C – that helps protect against heart disease, cancer, viruses and bacteria.

· It can boost the immune system and be a powerful anti-ageing agent.

How does olive leaf extract work?

The active ingredient in olive leaf extract is called oleuropein. Oleuropein is a polyphenolic fraction derived from the fruit, leaves, bark and roots of the olive tree, which help make it strongly resistant to damage from insects and other factors. Oleuropein is known as an iridoid, a type of plant chemical found throughout the olive tree and in olive oil.

Within Oleuropein is a chemical agent called elenolic acid, which has been shown to assist the body's immune defense. Research studies have found that elenolic acid helps the body to balance levels of friendly bacteria and support the immune system.

The energy-boosting benefits of olive leaf extract are believed to be the result of its ability to help fend off fungi, which overtax the immune system, and yeast overgrowth (such as Candida albicans), which cause fatigue.

The Olive leaf capsule contains extract that provides nutritional support for detoxification at the cellular level, when the body is under stress. It has been shown to protect RNA structure.

Like the polyphenolic component of red wine, resveratrol, oleuropein imparts some important antioxidant benefits that may help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and support healthy heart function. The oxidation of LDL cholesterol—the so-called "bad" cholesterol—can severely damage the walls of arteries. Along with resveratrol, oleuropein is high on the list of beneficial components of the acclaimed Mediterranean Diet (which includes olive oil), believed to be responsible for the reduced incidence of heart disease in those who habitually partake in the Diet.

What's about the dosage?

Dosage: 20% Supplemental olive leaf is taken in the 500-1000mg range daily/ 500 mg four times a day for short term use 

Dosage 500mg per day (usually in 2-3 doses throughout the day Warning None)  40% :Take 250mg daily, with or without food. Or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.

Company Information

We are a leading manufacturer of herbal extracts in China. Our factory is ISO22000/9001 certified and follows GMP guidelines. Our product carries the strictest testing standard in the industry, comply with European food regulations and Props 65.

·        100% Pure Natural & Pesticide free

·        PAH4 EU standard approved by Eurofins

·        Purity & Heavy Metals approved by Eurofins

·        Microbial analysis approved by PONY

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