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Synephrine HCL

Preferred IUPAC name :4-[1-Hydroxy-2-(methylamino)ethyl]phenol
Other names : p-synephrine
CAS Number: 94-07-5 
Chemical formula: C9H13NO2

Benefits of Synephrine

Research suggests that Synephrine has metabolic benefits similar to those of ephedrine, but without the harsh side effects.  Like ephedrine, synephrine is quite similar in structure to the neurotransmitters adrenaline and noradrenaline. Ingestion of synephrine increases the production of these catecholamines which helps activate lipolysis (fat breakdown) in body fat.2  
By boosting catecholamine levels, synephrine helps you focus, stay motivated, and increase metabolic rate so you can burn more fat and stick to your diet and exercise plan. Due to its unique mechanisms of action, Synephrine also helps curb appetite and sugar cravings, making it easier to tolerate a calorie-restricted diet. 

While Synephrine is a stimulatory compound, it can be stacked with things like Pure Nutrition Caffeine Tabs and Pure Nutrition Herbal Burn for enhanced weight loss support. 

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