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Wheat Germ Extract
Wheat Germ Extract Spermidine 0.2-1% HPLC
Latin Name: Triticum aestivum
Active ingredient: Spermidine

Purity: 0.2% - 1% HPLC

What is Spermidine ?

Spermidine is a water-soluble polyamine compound (C7H19N3) , first isolated from semen or sperm,that occurs naturally in all tissues of our human bodies and  also exists in many other organisms like animals, plants, and typical dietary foods. 

What is Wheat Germ Extract Spermidine ?

Spermidine is found in many of the foods that we eat. The top 3 spermidine-rich foods are as below: Wheat germ (24.3-35.4 mg spermidine per 100 g), Dried soybeans (20.8 mg spermidine per 100 g), Mature cheddar (19.9 mg spermidine per 100 g)

Spermidine Benefits: 

•Spermidine for anti-aging

Spermidine levels decrease with age. Spermidine supplementation can replenish these levels and induce autophagy, thus renewing cells and extending lifespan.

•Spermidine for longevity

Internally, spermidine has been seen to stabilise mitochondrial DNA, which can protect against aging caused by mutations in the mitochondria genome. Spermidine also improves longevity in mice by protecting against telomere attrition, the loss of the DNA caps on the end of chromosomes that happens with age and directly impacts longevity.

•Spermidine for human hair growth

It improves the physical signs of aging by promoting thicker hair growth, longer eyelashes, stronger nails and more youthful skin achieved through keratin growth.

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